The Position of Chairperson of DPRD, Suraidah May Continue in the Province

Reporter: Sudirman Syarif

MAMUJU, – The Democratic Party has decided on the names of the Chairpersons of the DPRD in the provinces and districts. But the Chairman of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Republic of West Sulawesi, Suhardi Duka, did not mention the name.

Information that has been compiled by, the name of the elected candidates for West Sulawesi DPRD in the 2019 General Election finished following an interview conducted by the Democratic Central Board (DPP) in Jakarta.

The stages of the interview in DPP are a condition before decides who the party cadres occupy the chair of the DPRD Chair.

Suraidah Suhardi, a Democratic Party cadre who had finished the interview in Jakarta. However, the SDK’s daughter claimed not to know who the elected candidates in the West Sulawesi DPRD were called to attend the interview.

“One of the responsibilty for DPD’s authority is because I am at DPC level. I have received information, but I haven’t officially announced it yet. So waiting for the Chairperson of the Regional Representative Council who is Lemhanas, God willing, will return after the Democratic birthday celebration in DPP, which may be the 12th in Mamuju,” Suraidah said to, Friday (6/9/2019).

In a straightforward manner, the former Chairperson of the Mamuju DPRD said that the Chairperson of the West Sulawesi DPRD was a cadre interviewed by DPP. “It must be the interviewee. Because DPP is interviewing all leaders in Indonesia.”

“Not taumi who was interviewed, try to ask other friends. Who was interviewed! If I was interviewed one day after Lebaran. There was a submission for an interview at DPP so I fulfilled the invitation for an interview. I don’t know the others,” he explained .

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When mentioned the name of the Chairperson of West Sulawesi Legislative Council for the 2014-2019 Period, Amalia Fitri Aras, did she also take part in the interview stage? Suraidah returned a similar answer.

“I do not know, not my capacity to ask DPP. Who participated in the interview stage. I have no communication with others, I just went to Jakarta and was interviewed by the Secretary General, Ani, Bendu, Pak Fajar Sampurno, and “Mas Eka. Those are some of the people in DPP and party leaders who interviewed me,” said Suraidah.

Nine candidates were elected by the West Sulawesi DPRD from the West Sulawesi Democratic Party, not even one is known whether they knew the stages of the interview in Jakarta.

“When talking optimistically, we are cadres, party people, when the party entrusts me (Chairperson of DPRD) of course as a good cadre, I must be prepared. Like that, so it is not in the formulation of optimism or not, because it is not a struggle. This is the party’s mandate. who is considered entitled to become the leader of the DPRD, “he concluded.

Contacted numerous times via telephone lines Amalia Fitri Aras has not yet given an answer.

Photo: FB Chalie Chube

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