Stelly Gidion, A Teacher from Mamuju Flies to USA #US Embassy Program

MAMUJU- Stelly Gidion should be proud of his achievement. The teacher of SMAN 2 Mamuju is succeed in achieving one fo five tickets provided by United State Embassy. In USA, he will study and introduce the cultures of West Sulawesi there.

For sis months, Stelly will study about education, as well as introducing the Culture of Mandar, West Sulawesi in Donald Trump’s state. Contacted by Mandarnesia.com, Stelly said, the program where he joins is the annual agenda of USA Embassy namely The International Leadership Education Program (ILEP).

“There were 400 applicants from Sabang to Marauke. The Big 18 were invited to interview. It reduced to eight, and finally 5 candidates were choosen to be sent to Washington DC.” Stelly explained to Mandarnesia.com, Monday ( 11/12/2017)
He will fly to Jakarta on the first of January 2018, and will arrive at USA on 3rd of January 2018.

“I visit Tourism Department and The Vice of Governor of West Sulawesi for finding solution, what souveniers can be brought and exhibited there. I wish to show that Estern Indonesia also has many interesting cultures and nature.”

“There is sandeq miniature with cocoa on the top. Based on the story, cocoa can be tasted by Mandarism, because it was brought by Sandeq from abroad,” He continued.

The point is, according to Stelly, the program is a collaboration of cultre exchange, and a training for the participants to be a word class educator.

“All cost is endured by US Embassy, but still need some funds for purchasing Mandar silk saroong, sekomandi woven, Mamasa woven and other handicrafts.” He said.

Congratulation, Stelly!!


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