About Sulawesi Barat “The Zero Corruption Area”

Oleh Sudirman Syarif

It is interesting to be noticed about the arrival of Indonesian’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to West Sulawesi Province. Besides having intgrated meeting, it also making an agreement with the goverment of province and also regency.

The agenda which was held in the 4th flour of Governor office of West Sulawesi on Wednesday (11/4/2018) will become a betting of commitment againts corruption for the governor, regent and also the legislative.

The peririon states about the commitment of governor and regency to support KPK in eradicating the corruption integratedly. It is also included the supporting of chasting, free of Collution, corruption and nepotism in governance.
There are ten points of the agreement, as follows:

1. The process of planning of budget which accomodate public interesr, no intervention from external through the implementation of e-planniny and s-budgeting.

2. The process of supplying goods and services are based on electronics, include extablishing of Unit of Procurement Sevice (ULP) and the use of e-procurement and LPSE.

3. Implementing one-stop integrated service and the process of publishing natural resource management licensing fairly.

4. Implementing village fund governance effectively and accountable.
5. Reinforcement of APIP and the movement of risk assessment as a part of SPIP implementation.

6. Exoandinf the goverment integrity system by conforming of integrity commitment, restoration of grativication and reporting of LKHPN.

7. Building synergy and participatory for all components of society in governance.

8. Improving human resource management, and applying income restoration allowances.

9. Improving local asset management and optimizing local revenue by supporting transparent and accountable systems, procedures and applications.

10. Implement an action plan in a consistent and continuous integrated prevention and combating corruption program.

Ali Baal Masdar (ABM) became the first officials who put a signature, then the Chairman of DPRD Sulbar, Amalia Fitri Aras, the temporary officials of Polman regent, Amujid and also the chairman of DPRD Polman.

Majene Regent Fahmi Massiara with the chairman of DPRD Majene Darmansyah, Pjs Regent of Mamasa Bonggalangi along with the Chairman of DPRD Mamasa, Muhammadiyah Mansur, the Regent of Pasangkayu H. Agus Ambo Djiwa along with Head of DPRD Pasangkayu H. Lukman Said.

Then the Regent of Mamuju Tengah H. Aras Tammauni with the Chairman of Parliament Mateng H. Arsal Aras. While the Regent of Mamuju, Habsi Wahid didnot present. The only autographed is the Chairman of the Parliament of Mamuju, Suraidah Suhardi.

In a previous press conference, to mandarnesia.com, KPK Deputy Chairman, Alexander Marwata conveyed, corruption practices depend on the local government control system.
“The weaker the monitoring, the greater the potential for corruption,” he explained.

Former Judge Tipikor who often express dissenting opinion or different opinion from other judges exemplify, if the function of his APIK is not functioning, not independent, the capacity is also weak, the amount is less, certainly the activities in the government is not well supervised.

“Including also the commitment of the head of the region itself,” he said.

He also appreciated the government’s priority program of “Zero Corruption”. “From there we can see there is a commitment to make Sulbar free of corruption,” he said.

He also added that it is not possible to open an office in West Sulawesi, “The cost is too expensive,” he concluded. (*)

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